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30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 9 – Jelly Beans and Creativity

Today I am thankful for creativity! I am thankful for artistic and creative people who push the limits of the imagination in order to bring a totally wild and crazy dream into a reality. People like that ignite my own creative spark and inspire me to push myself even further than I thought was possible. As you reach for the stars, you stretch your imagination.

I’m so excited to share this fantastically brilliant video with you all today! I found this the other day and was instantly smitten. The video is called “In Your Arms” by the talented Kina Grannis (an artist I’ve recently discovered and am in love with).

And now here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the labor of love it took to make this all happen.

(discovered via Creature Comforts)

WOW…what an incredibly intense, detailed process! But how fun is the final product? I love this more than words can say. I hope they all got to eat some jelly beans after it was all done.

Happy Wednesday!

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