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Lissette + Sam: Married

As she got ready surrounded by her friends and family, her radiant smile was perpetual. A testament to her selflessness, she made sure everyone else’s hair and make up was perfect before her own was, taking the time to brush and curl and hug and laugh. Nothing was rushed; she knew everything would happen just as it was meant to.

The moment finally came. He looked at her as she walked down the aisle and emotion washed over him, leaking out of his eyes and down his cheeks. This beautiful, kind, genuine, faithful woman gliding toward him was about to become his wife; a dream was coming true.

They looked at each other with sheer adoration as his father spoke of the foundation they have built their lives upon individually and will be building their lives upon together going forward: Christ. The faith these two share was obvious as they prayed and sang songs of praise. Their humor was apparent when he reached in his pocket for a box of Tic Tacs, popped a couple in his mouth, handed her one, and then went in for their first kiss as husband and wife.

Lissette and Sam, your love inspires us. Your friendship is a blessing to us. And your faith uplifts us. Thank you.


To see more of Lissette and Sam’s wedding, feel free to watch the slideshow below.

  1. Rachel says:

    Wow! Love their portraits! And they look so happy and in love <3 gorgeous work!

  2. Hallie says:

    Beautiful pictures of genuinely beautiful people – as I scrolled down the page, the pics just kept getting BETTER! I’d say to myself, “Ok, that’s my fav.” only to fall in love with the next shot even MORE! CONGRATS SAM AND LISSETTE on a wonderful wedding and CONGRATS SAM AND REID on capturing it so amazingly 🙂

  3. Jade Van Dyke says:

    These all turned out so beautiful! Love them all! 🙂

  4. Lissette & Sam Haugestuen says:

    Our dear friends Sam & Reid,

    Words cannot describe the sheer joy and emotion that washes over us through your gorgeous pictures. We feel so honored that you, our amazing friends, were apart of this day in such a special way. Thank you for your inspiration and hard work. You never cease to amaze us with your talents to capture these precious moments. We love you!

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