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So here is a small change-up from the normal posting conventions. This is not your as-expected post from our dearest Samantha; this is instead a post by the other portion of Orange Photographie, Reid (fully proofed and edited by Samantha of course, as she is much better with those sorts of things). Since all of the photos are from a trip I took this weekend, she suggested I write the post, which, of course is totally reasonable. Even so, the idea of sending out something I’ve written for everyone, and practically anyone, to see is still a new experience (and one that makes me a bit nervous).

So, on to the actual substance of the post. This weekend’s activities took myself and 5 of our good friends to Mystic Lake. Not the most strenuous hike I’ve done, but with a full backpack, 7.5 miles is still a long way. At the end of a long hike like that, the lake looked amazing (goopy, mucky bottom and all). As soon as we had finished our lunches, all of us made our way down to the lake and proceeded to shiver and squeak our way into the water (yes, it was cold enough that all of were making rather un-masculine exclamations). As cold as it was we all agreed it was completely worth it; Montana summers, when they FINALLY get here, are quite warm.

My best friend Levi and myself, being the masterminds of the outing, decided that we would provide dinner and breakfast the next morning. So of course, in the true over-exuberant host fashion, we brought a feast with us. For dinner we had 2 lbs. of egg noodle pasta and enough sauce to slather it all thoroughly, in addition to a package of sausages which we smoked, and some fresh basil. Usually when backpacking you eat just enough to not be hungry…we were all stuffed after third and fourth helpings. And of course, the next morning we spared nothing. Along with enough pancake mix to make 3 or 4 pancakes for each of us, we had 2 dozen eggs and a couple tomatoes, and of course some more basil (it’s an herb I have gradually grown to enjoy more over the course of the last couple years. I blame Samantha and her expansion of my culinary palette. You must admit it works so well with so many dishes). Again, we stuffed ourselves. I think we all ate to the full level, and we never even had to break into the stash of backup energy bars.

For a summer overnight trip it couldn’t have been better, with perfect weather (the stars as you’ll see were spectacular), great people, and two feasts in a row. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if Samantha had been spared from her tight rehearsal schedule and been able to come with me. So, in addition to sharing with all you, this post is to share with my dear Sam.

Hope you enjoy the photos!

(The intrepid crew from left to right: Eric, Travis, Will, Artie (the four-legged one), Chester, and Levi)

(self portrait…intrepid host)

















I was having a bit of fun with super long exposures and high ISOs. I was happy with the results.

By the time we made it back down we were all so tired that getting back home to a change of clothes and perhaps a cold shower was far higher on the list of priorities than more pictures.

All in all, a fantastic weekend adventure.


– Reid

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