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My Favorite Things Friday: Biking in Bozeman

Happy Friday, lovely friends!

It’s a holiday weekend, which makes me feel even happier 🙂 I hope you all have lovely plans for at least one day this weekend. Reid is going camping tomorrow with some friends, and I’m staying home for “Oklahoma” rehearsals tomorrow. It’s a good thing I like the show 🙂 The theatre is within biking distance for me, so I’ve been biking there each night this past week for rehearsals now that the weather is nice.

Reid is a bit more hardcore than I am about biking. He rode to school on his bike every day during the entire winter. There were days he’d show up at my house and the only part of him that wasn’t wet/white from the slush/snow was his collarbone. I’m not being overly dramatic. I don’t know how he did it. I was impressed he made it through.

But I do have a bike that I love to ride when the weather gets nice and I don’t have to worry about hitting black ice and getting turned into a freezing, wet, lump on the pavement that’s been melded together with metal…sort of like a Wolverine experiment gone bad…in the snow.

Again…I love riding my bike in the summer. I love how biker friendly Bozeman is. And I have such a fun bike to ride around town with, too! It’s a blue vintage Schwinn with a bell and two large baskets on the back…perfect for toting the contents of a picnic to the park. I love it despite its defects…including the fact that it only has two gears and you have to keep your finger on the gear shift in order to keep it on the easy gear. It’s quirky. And that’s exactly why it fits me perfectly 🙂 undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

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