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Independence Day

Hi all! I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend! Ours was really nice. As you already know, Reid went camping with some friends while I stayed back for rehearsal. But I did have a fun girls’ night with a friend of mine after rehearsal was done. We went to the movies and saw “Monte Carlo.” I actually kind of loved it. Don’t judge. And then Sunday I made Reid go over lines with me for about 4 hours. He was such a good sport. I think I have my lines down for the most part. And so does Reid 🙂

And then of course there was the actually holiday yesterday. We went over to my uncle and aunt’s for some family time, food, fun, fireworks and badminton. Jeanne and Tyler had made a feast. I brought ice. I usually contribute a bit more, but after a long, exhausting weekend, the extent of my culinary creativity was ice.
Jeanne made this “Tres Leches Cake” – it was scrumptious looking and tasting.
This is H. See that look of mischief on his face? I think he was calculating how he’d get all of us to beatbox for him.undefined
The Little One looking like she’s getting ready to spike the ball. Check out those stunning baby blues!
Cousin love. So adorable.
The L.O. with our friend Travis. She was giving him badminton tips. “Travis, this is how it’s done.”undefined
My beautiful Nanny. Doesn’t she look great? So classy.undefined
H and Reid. Two handsome boys.
The men making sure the grilling is going perfectly.undefinedundefined
And H’s plans for group beatboxing begin to come to fruition. He’s whispering (rather shrilly, judging by the look on Reid’s face) what he wanted Reid to sing for him.
The L.O. getting into the groove.undefined

LOVE this look on H’s face. He was into it.

The L.O.’s turn. She’s very good at taking turns. And marching.
My handsome Uncle Tyler.undefined

My wonderful Aunt Jeanne.undefined
My amazing Aunt Kelly.undefined
Crazy clouds that popped up after dinner and a rain storm.undefinedundefined
The L.O. having fun with sparklers.

Hope your 4th was sparkly and fantastic!

  1. Karen R. says:

    Such beautiful pictures! Everyone looks so lovely and happy.

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