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Photo Shoot Giveaway!

Today we wanted to give thanks to all those who have been spreading the word about Orange Photographie!  We’d like to thank you by offering a Free Mini Photo Shoot* to one individual. Here’s how you enter:

1. You need to “Like” our Facebook page.

2. Change your status to link to our Facebook page and add our website (example: Shirley Jones thinks you should check out the @Orange Photographie page and stop by their website, It might not work to just copy and paste that example, because you’ll need to type in the “@” directly into your Facebook status so it can search for our name in your “Likes.”

Once you’ve done that, we’ll see it on our Facebook page and enter your name in the drawing! You help us by spreading the word about our photography to all your friends and family, and in return, you get to possibly have a photo shoot with us! Good deal? I think so!

*There are a few stipulations! The photo shoot will be done at a location in or around Bozeman, MT. It will be a half-hour portrait session (you choose the style: couple, family, newborn, etc.) and you will get to choose 15 images to have on disc for your personal use. The last day to have your name entered into the draw is October 31, 2010. We will draw the winner’s name on November 1, 2010.

Thanks again for all your support!

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