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Ruth + Andrew + Einn + Logan

I have known Ruth since I was 13 and she was 11. We grew up going to the same church, and her family was always one of my favorites. In fact, both of our families were home schooled, and we often got together as families for school outings. She has always been so sassy and fun, so when I got to photograph her beautiful family during my trip to Kansas City, I was stoked. Ruth got married four years ago to the love of her life, Andrew, and together they now have two beautiful babies, Einn (pronounced Ian) and Logan, who keep them running around like proper babies do 🙂

This is Einn. He likes Skittles. Also, when he eats Skittles, he has technicolor drool. When I got there, Ruth told me that in their house, Skittles has an alternate tagline  – “Skittles: Drool The Rainbow.” Cracks me up.

And here’s precious little Logan.

Andrew can juggle. Which is pretty cool.

This one cracks me up.


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