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I woke up today to -23 degrees and frozen pipes. We took these photos on Flathead Lake this past summer, and I was waiting to share them, but I figured I needed some cheering up with thoughts of warm weather, mountain lakes, and summer beauties. Hope these warm you up and take you out of the cold […]

Italy. Oh where do I start with you? Well, how about Pompeii. Once we flew to Italy from Ireland, our coats went away and our sunglasses came out. It was sundrenched and gorgeous. We spent the first couple of days in Southern Italy with Reid’s cousin who was living in a city called  Trani on […]

If you have been keeping up with our photography at all over the past few months, you might have noticed a slow shift in our photography style. Our style has always been a blend of romantic and classic, but with the incorporation of film, we feel like we are able capture love and beauty in […]

Reid and I were married in May. I’m sure most of you know that by now. And you probably also know we were married in Wales and then were blessed to go on a three-week European honeymoon (where we then proceeded to take entirely too many photos). Our first official stop on our honeymoon tour […]

Hey! Remember that proposal I photographed recently? Ya! That was AMAZING! As an officially engaged couple, Mica and Sammi met me back up at Springhill Pavilion during the day to do what officially engaged couples do…take engagement photos! Gosh, these two love each other so much. I got to capture that love on camera. They are […]


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