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Our Honeymoon | Ireland Part One

Reid and I were married in May. I’m sure most of you know that by now. And you probably also know we were married in Wales and then were blessed to go on a three-week European honeymoon (where we then proceeded to take entirely too many photos). Our first official stop on our honeymoon tour was Ireland. Having done our research, we had found the most lovely little cottage we made our home for a few days near the village of Skibbereen in County Cork. One evening during our stay there, we decided to go on a walk near Lough Hyne, a marine lake near the coast. There is a mountain next to the lake with a hike up to the top, which was decidedly the highlight of our time in Ireland. Reid and I went wild with our cameras and decided to push ourselves creatively with the images we took of each other. It felt like we were walking through an enchanted fairyland. The scenery was straight out of a Lord of the Rings movie, but even better. I’ve never been so spellbound by a place as I was by this dark, verdant, hidden gem. We even stumbled upon a deserted, crumbling stone house that had been taken over by trees, ivy and moss that now call it home. Once through the mysterious forest, we emerged onto the top of the mountain right at sunset to gaze at the sea in the distance and countryside all around. With Halloween approaching, I thought it was appropriate to share our photos of this bewitching place. I will be sharing the rest of our honeymoon photos soon (more of Ireland as well as England, Italy, and Paris). Although it was months ago, we’re having fun reliving it. We hope you enjoy seeing the world through our eyes.



  1. Jeremiah Daniel Spray says:

    Soooo purrrtyyy

  2. Mariela Novoa says:

    Omg these are soo beautiful!!! Post as many as you guy want I’m sure no one will complain!!!!!

  3. Carolyn Hopper says:

    Beautiful and fun! The woods look quite a bit like where Dan and I were last year around Ballyvaughan! The Burren is unique with it’s rock landscape, but the hazel wood forests carpeted with moss and wild flowers and the old famine houses (houses deserted when the families had to leave during the famine) are the same feeling you have here. Did you see orchids? they were everywhere in July last year. I miss Ireland!

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