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As photographers, we are often asked to take picture of people that make them look beautiful. As wedding photographers we sometimes do this for people who have never been comfortable in front of the camera. On your wedding day, we are asked to step into your lives, capturing one of those few most amazing days […]

I have a love/dislike relationship with Pinterest. I love it for inspiration, as everyone seems to. I love pinning yummy recipes, outfits I love, places I want to visit, photography that inspires me, and wedding inspiration for my clients. What I don’t love are the unrealistic expectations it seems to set, especially for brides preparing […]

I’ve been slacking on getting this post written. Not because I’m being lazy, but because so much happened that I’m just not even sure where to begin with it. So I’m going to do my best and just jump in. A couple of weeks ago, Reid and I attended WPPI (which stands for Wedding & […]

Earlier this month, before the whirlwind summer schedule kicked in, Reid and I dropped in on one of Kerie’s dance lessons to photograph her students in action. You’ll remember Kerie from the portrait session we did with her at her beautiful new home. Everyone in Kerie’s class was having a fantastic time and learning a ton […]

I never would have imagined I’d become a professional photographer. Funny how things just fall into your lap sometimes, isn’t it? One day you’re on the road to being a veterinarian and then the next you join the circus (I just read Water For Elephants, so I’ve got the big top on my mind – great […]


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