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Film: A New Love Story

For a long time, Reid and I have been attracted to images produced on film. There’s a look we love about film – it’s like the images are immersed in an extra layer of romance – the color, the grain, the softness and the light captured with film are just so dreamy. So we’ve decided instead of just coveting images produced on film, why not start producing them ourselves?

Over the past month or so, we’ve been delving into the world of film, and let me tell you, we’re smitten. Of course we have a lot of learning still to do, but we’ve had enough of a taste to become enamored.

Shooting with film also forces you to slow down – to become more intentional instead of reactional. You have to wait for the right moment – you have to be patient and have faith that once you’ve clicked the shutter, you’ve captured the moment you wanted to capture. But there’s no way of knowing for sure until you get the film developed. There is no screen on back of the camera (not that we haven’t tried to look for one…Reid and I are definitely in a habit of always checking our LCD screens, haha). It’s definitely a lesson in more than just photography. There is much learning, patience, and faith involved – things we could all probably incorporate more in our lives.

Here are a few images we are encouraged by – by no means perfect, but they make us excited for what is possible.




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