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Katie & Joe | Married // The Baxter Hotel

Katie and Joe met at college. She was on a softball team and he showed up to help coach. On the day they met, she was wearing an outfit that gave Rainbow Bright a run for her money, and he noticed (he also noticed that she was actually a really good player).

They didn’t start dating right away. Being friends was enough. But then they took a trip together and the thought occurred to them that maybe they liked each other as more than friends. In fact, they did like each other. Quite a lot.

He graduated, got a job in another state and moved. Then she graduated and moved to be where he was.

He asked her to marry him. She said yes.

They said “I do” on September 15, 2012.


Katie’s gorgeous hair was styled gorgeously by the very talented Joe Bae of Seattle. He was so fabulous to work with and get to know. So if you need a brilliant stylist in Seattle, definitely check him out.


Gangnam Style gone crazy….NEVER before seen dancing like this at a wedding…it was fabulous!

Their crazy fun reception took place at the historic Baxter Hotel in downtown Bozeman. We love that place.

Reid and I had such an incredible time with these two, their family and their friends. Thank you, Katie and Joe, for being so wonderful!!!


  1. Jeremiah Daniel Spray says:

    Love it guys:)

  2. Jana Long says:

    Gorgeous! Love the color pallet too!

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