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Kari & Cody | Engagement Preview

Kari, Cody and Bailey (my amazing friend and intern) and I went up to the lake this past Monday with a boat to have some engagement session photo fun. And fun we had. Kari and Cody love being outside and near water together, so naturally, a boat needed to be involved. It truly became an adventure when the boat started to take on water and we almost sunk and we had to swim to shore. Okay, that didn’t really happen, but I think saying that adds an extra boost of excitement and gives me a hardcore edge that I’m desperately lacking. In reality, we saw a little bit of water in the bottom of the boat right as we were taking it out of the lake and were on dry ground. See? Not as cool. However, Kari and Cody were the epitome of cool and made me laugh more than I made them laugh I think (now you know why I need my coolness factor bumped up).

How stinkin’ cute are they??

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