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Chelsea & Nick | Married // Lazy B Farm, Bozeman, Montana

In Chelsea’s words: “One fateful day, nearly 5 years ago, while Nick was relaxing in the sun with friends in San Diego, he noticed a pool girl with a curly blonde ponytail grudgingly picking up towels. He was instantly smitten. As it would turn out, she was a University of Washington sorority sister of his current roommate/former high school classmate from Seattle. Plans were made for all to get together that night, and his determination was set to win that Montana girl over. And thus, the long California summer of beach cruisers and beer, Big Buck Hunter and BBQ’s began, as did Nick’s persistent pursuit of Chelsea.

After months of evasion, the end of July arrived bringing with it Nick’s birthday, and Chelsea finally gave in and gave the birthday boy a kiss. . .and with that their destinies were sealed. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, their paths diverged. Nick’s Navy career moved him out to Virginia Beach just as Chelsea had started a graduate school program in San Diego. Against all odds, the dynamic duo remained undaunted by this geographical hurdle. Fast forward through 2 and a half years of a cross-country, long distance relationship, deployments, elaborate vacations, and a graduation, and Chelsea finally packed up her life and headed eastbound.”

Their wedding took place on a beautiful August day at the Lazy B Farm in Bozeman, MT where they proclaimed their love in front their most beloved family and friends. Chelsea was stunning in a dress from Eskay Bridal. Be sure to watch the slideshow at the end of this post to see MANY more photos!


To see more of Chelsea and Nick’s wedding, view the slideshow!

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