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Sarah + Brian | Married // Bozeman, MT Wedding

Sarah and Brian met at a community group for their church. In Russia. Yes, Russia. Sarah had moved there to teach and Brian had moved there for work. Sarah’s originally from Churchill and Brian’s originally from Spain. Sarah wasn’t looking for a relationship when they met, but she soon realized Brian was the man she was going to marry. Brian absolutely adores her, which was so evident after just spending 5 minutes with them. He was always looking for an excuse to embrace her and hold her close. Brian also has a hysterical sense of humor and was always up for being a goof (as you’ll see in quite a few photos below).

More evident than anything, though, was their love for Christ and their desire to put Him at the center of their lives, both individually and as a couple. They most definitely were inspired and influenced by their parents, who were all so incredibly wonderful and loving. We had such lovely day with all of them, and felt such immense gratitude that we were able to capture the love that was overflowing that day.

Make sure to watch the slideshow at the end of the blog for even more photos!


  1. Rebecca Blevins says:

    Beautiful, beautiful job on these photos. I felt that they told a story, and actually found myself tearing up.

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