The Journal

For Samantha

Dear Samantha,

I so wish I could share your adventure on the east coast with you. I know you are having a time of making stories, seeing good friends, enjoying the city, enjoying a wonderful warm day on the beach, and looking forward to everything yet to happen on this fantastic tour.

I look forward eagerly to the pictures that you take and share, your eye and talent keep growing and I’m inspired to take better pictures myself, to see more of what you see when you look through your lens, and capture something of moments and places in the way that you have captured them.

I miss you terribly, and think of you constantly.The work I am doing is hard physically, but it leaves me lots of time to think of you and what you may be experiencing. Know that you are constantly in my thoughts throughout the days.

Tonight at the movies with my dad (the movie was quite cheesy, you would have rolled your eyes at it) I stood up after it had finished and, having stood too quickly, I passed out. Don’t worry, it was a little thing. One moment I am standing in the aisle the next I am somewhat sprawled in a seat at the end of the row, seated, but with that “coming to” confusion. As I said it was a small thing, but when it happens my mind does a kind of reset. I have become so used to you being there to catch me and ask if I am okay when these bouts happen. As I came to I wondered where you were, and waited for your voice or hand. But as I came round further I realized you weren’t there, and a longing for your presence washed over me. It took me a moment to gather and to center myself again, lest I have the embarrassment of breaking down in front of my dad, who was chatting about the special effects and probably wondering why I stood and then so suddenly sat down again a few seats over.

The feeling stuck with me on my way home, and so I sat down to write this to you and tell you that I love you, I miss you, and I can’t wait until I see you again in a little under three weeks (it’s nineteen days to be specific).

My love and thoughts go with you.


(I also notice that I get very proper sounding when I write…)

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