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Meghan + David // Bozeman, MT Engagement Session

I knew that the weather was going to be getting somewhat warmer, but schedules prevented us from being able to set it up on another evening. So Meghan and David braved the freezing cold temperature and only 40 minutes of good light for this session. But since they met hiking the ridge, we figured they were hardy 🙂 And they were! Reid and I are so grateful they were up for doing photos, and are so excited with the way they turned out. I mean…aren’t they a gorgeous couple? And they’re so happy together, it just radiates from them. They were so much fun to be around! Seriously. I would have even paid THEM to be able to photograph their awesome personalities and good looks 😉 Thank you two so much again for being such good sports! I seriously couldn’t feel my hands for the next 10 minutes after we wrapped up 🙂

  1. Jillian Tree says:

    Super-cute! Love the close-up pics 🙂

  2. OrangePhotographie says:

    Thanks, Jillian!! 🙂

  3. Hallie says:

    Too cute! Well done guys 🙂

  4. Joni Olson Balian says:

    These are GREAT photos of two of my favorite people! Thank you Samantha and Reid!

  5. Emily Koehler says:

    these make me smile. =) Well done Sam and Reid!

  6. Meghan Macur says:

    Wow, these are great! We had so much fun with you two! THANK YOU for doing such a great job, and for being so awesome!=).

  7. Cielo Jerde says:

    muy bonita!

  8. Chris Pummel says:

    Love these photos.

  9. Taylor Balian says:

    Ridiculously good looking…excited to see you soon!

  10. Amy Balian says:

    Wonderful photos! The two of you look so happy together. Sorry we won’t be there for the wedding.

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