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Giving Thanks

After a long weekend, it is a bit difficult to get back into the swing of things. Reid and I had a nice long break, starting last Wednesday and ending last night. Upon waking up this morning, I felt like Thanksgiving break should still be in progress. Getting ready to go to campus, teach a class, finish a paper, and actually get dressed in something other than sweats was like trying to force myself to eat water chestnuts. Not appetizing.

Thanksgiving dinner was amazingly appetizing, though! Because we split the holiday and went to both of our families’ for meals, dinner was also ridiculously filling. But sooooo yummy! After eating all of the fixings plus homemade vanilla ice cream on our pie at Reid’s family’s, we went to my family’s, where we started off with salad, had homemade manicotti and bread for a second course (we have an Italian in the family), and then finally got down to the main course, which included: stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn pudding, creamed spinach, orange glazed yams, creamed onions, and cranberry relish. Plus three different types of pie for dessert: apple, pumpkin and mincemeat. So much goodness and so little room in my tummy! It was a lovely day, and one I’m incredibly thankful for.

The photos below were taken at Reid’s uncle’s house. As we were walking to our car to make the trip to my grandmother’s house (over the river and through the woods), I was struck by how picturesque the scene before me was. I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was just as lovely and full of family, food and wonderful moments as ours was.

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