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Halloween Costumes

Having been born on Halloween, costumes were pretty much a mandatory part of my birthday celebration. And as I turn 27 this month (wow…that looks so weird…and much closer to 30 than I’m used to), that means I’ve worn a lot of costumes over the years. So I thought it’d be fun to list as many costumes as I can remember. For my first birthday, I was a witch. Complete with Nike trainers and a pointy hat.

And the other costumes I remember are:

Care Bear (my mom made this one for me)
Tinker Bell (my mom made this one for me, too)
Pink Princess (see above)
Sparkly ballerina (thanks to my dance costume from earlier that year…I was good at recycling from a young age)
Colonial Girl (this happened twice, but with two different costumes…I’m kind of a history nut)
Box of Cheerios (at one house I trick-or-treated at, the woman answered the door, looked at me, then yelled back into the house, “Honey! Breakfast is here!” True story.)
Black Bird (using an idea for super cool masks from Martha Stewart…yes…I was the 12-year-old who loved Martha)
Monarch Butterfly (again, thanks Martha)
Pirate (who hasn’t been a pirate?)

Peter Pan (Reid was my shadow…we won the best costume award)

Cruella DeVille

And now for this year’s costume…and I have NO IDEA what to do! Please help! What are your amazing ideas?!? I’d love to hear them. I’m in serious need of some inspiration!

Happy Wednesday!

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