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Ellie: Senior

We know Ellie from church. I (Sam) first met Ellie when we were all getting ready to go on a mission trip to Mexico together. Then when we were done getting ready, Mexico got a dose of us. It was an amazing experience that made us all realize how little we actually impacted the lives of the people we met and how greatly they impacted ours.

Ellie is adorable. Her laugh is fantastic and her smile is infectious. And look at her eyes!!! I mean, really?!? How stunning are those baby blues? So beautiful. Plus she plays volleyball. I don’t know why, but volleyball is one of the only sports I feel like I can play, so I feel like I can bond with Ellie over that. Even though she would totally kick my butt.

Thanks for being goofy with us, Ellie! We had such a blast!



  1. Pat Ballentine says:

    The very close up in BW is excellent, but if I were to frame a photo, I like the one of you sitting down in the grass best.
    They are both very natural expressions, but the color shot shows your distinct sense of style. Cute outfit and hair ornament.
    It shows you at home in the world.

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