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My Favorite Things Friday: Counting My Blessings

Sometimes when I get caught up in life’s business and the stress that inevitably comes with that business, I forget to think about how many blessings I actually have and how happy I should be just to have them.

I have a Heavenly Father who never leaves my side and blesses my life in infinite ways, a wonderful family, amazing friends, and a beau I love and who loves me (fun fact for Friday: I sort of detest the term boyfriend…it just seems so…5th grade). I live in a gorgeous part of the country and have the ability to experience a profusion of fun, creative, and inspiring things on a daily basis. I have a business that is growing and thriving, the opportunity to go to grad school, and all my mental and physical capacities to enjoy all of it.

To say that I’m blessed is a sheer understatement. Everyone gets stressed. Everyone has obstacles and challenges they have to overcome. But I’m happy to say that I know from personal experience that all of those challenges and hardships just make you stronger once you get on the other side of them, and it’s a beautiful thing to look at your life and realize that you are, indeed, incredibly blessed.

And since counting is waaaaay more fun when you do it like The Count from Sesame Street (One! Ah ah ah ah. Two! Ah ah ah ah. Thrrrreee! Ah ah ah ah.) then count your blessings that way. It’ll at least get you smiling 🙂

photo by katie licht.

Happy Friday!!!

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  2. Josh & Kylie says:

    Such a beautiful occasion, captured so lovely!

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