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My Favorite Things Friday: Harry Potter

With a title like that, you might assume that I was first in line, in costume, for the midnight showing last night. Well…I totally…was not.

I so wish I could have been, though! I’m a total geek when it comes to Harry Potter. I’m just in love with the books and have been since my brother and I were first introduced to them by a British couple we knew. They gave us the first one for Christmas waaay back when I was 12. “It’s a big hit over in England,” they told us. Little did we know it’d become just as big of a hit here. My mom read to us out of it every night, and we all became smitten.

Then the movies started being made, and at first I was ambivalent. I’d already built up such a fantastic HP world in my mind, I wasn’t sure how the studio-produced one would compare. But all in all, I’ve been quite pleased (I do have to admit, I really don’t like Michael Gambon as Dumbledore…he always strikes me as a bit too harsh).

I just love that the story is set in England (I’m an Anglophile, remember? :)). During spring break one year during college, I went with one of my English classes to London for the week. I was with three of my good friends, and we traipsed around doing absolutely everything we could pack into 5 days, including going to Kings Cross Station and finding Platform 9 3/4 (which they actually put in, complete with a trolly car halfway through the wall). I used to have a photo of us pretending like we were running with our trolly into the wall, but I can’t find it anywhere. Natalie, if you read this, do you have that photo still?

And have you actually ever read the British version of the books? Not much is changed in the American versions, but the language used in the British ones is decidedly more…well…British!!! (The title of “The Sorcerer’s Stone” is even different…it’s “The Philosopher’s Stone” across the pond). Which makes me love them even more. My brother and I were sent this particular book by some dear family friends from England one year. 
Okay, check out the stamps our friends used to send this book, way back in 2003. I love that Wills is on a stamp…looking quite dashing, if I may add!

So…now I’m just anxiously waiting for a break in my schedule so we can go see the final movie!!! Bittersweet…but so exciting! Happy Final Harry Potter Movie Weekend, everyone!

  1. Oh I can’t wait to see it! Friends of mine were in the queue as soon as it opened… I hope I’m not too far behind them! And I also love that you love england. You have great taste 😉

  2. OrangePhotographie says:

    Rachel, I love, love, LOVE England 🙂 I’ve been there 4 times and love it more every time.

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