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My Favorite Things Friday: Lilacs

Did you know there are about 25 different kinds of lilacs? I didn’t know that until I moved to Bozeman, where it seems there are different color lilacs on each corner. Pale violet. Deep grape. Delicate white. Bozeman is awash with lilacs when spring/summer finally arrives. I’ve never seer seen so many lilac bushes, hedges and trees as there are here. And I LOVE IT! Lilacs have always been my favorite flower.

Growing up in New Jersey, we had a 30-foot long lilac hedge right next to our house. The heavenly scent would waft through our open windows and perfume the house. We also put huge bouquets in each room. Even our friends would come over to our hedge and cut the blossoms for their own homes. It was always one of the best times of the year.

And thankfully, even though Montana is known for being a sort of brutal climate for flowers and gardens, the lilacs are hardy and victorious over the weather. It may take until June for them to arrive, but when they do, they’re a force to be reckoned with!


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