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Grass Stains

I feel like I’ve been a bit MIA lately. The summer hit, and boy did it hit with full force. Three weddings in a row (two we photographed and one we attended as guests), editing photos, rehearsals (I’m going to be in Oklahoma at The Ellen Theatre here in Bozeman) and homework (for an independent study class I’m taking in preparation for grad school this fall)….whew! And Reid is also a busy bee with work, doing sound for the current show (Lend Me a Tenor) at The Ellen and learning how to cook. More on that later.

In between our busy schedules, we’ve found time to enjoy the beautiful weather that’s finally made an appearance. We put up a badminton net and have been having our friends over for some hilarious games. Badminton is one of the only sports (yes, it’s a sport) that I can play. I didn’t do group sports growing up, but my hand-eye coordination is fairly satisfactory, and badminton is just straightforward enough that I feel competent playing it. And to be quite honest, I take it pretty seriously. My competitive spirit comes out. Grass stains happen.

Grass stains also happen when I’m hiding in the grass taking my photography seriously. Reid snapped this photo last week when we were photographing Cary + Zach’s wedding. I look like a predator stalking my prey. I promise…no subjects were hurt in this shooting. I’m just really dedicated to my craft 🙂


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