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Don’t Look Back

I’ve had two wonderful tête-à-têtes with two wonderful women this week. Having good friends and great role models is one of the best things about life, in my opinion. People who inspire you to be better and hit the ground running are like sunshine…a life-encoraging force that makes your day brighter and helps you see where you are going.

I’m so grateful for strong, confident woman in my life. My mother was the epitome of a strong, confident woman and even though she’s gone, she still inspires me to “keep on keepin’ on” (as her father used to say). And I’m grateful for people who remind me of her; people who encourage me to be courageous and to think big. I hope you have friends like that in your life – ones that encourage you to live life with hope and sense of adventure; friends who believe in you and help you to believe in yourself and your life’s journey. Friends who help you through those times when you come to a proverbial fork in the road.

Life constantly changes. It morphs into highs and lows, but no matter what, it just keeps on going. I hope I inspire you today keep on keepin’ on. You get out of life what you put into it 🙂



  1. Karen R. says:

    I do have friends like that in my life. You are one on them! I love you!

  2. OrangePhotographie says:

    I love you, too! And DITTO!

  3. Helen Naffziger says:

    You are an amazing person and inspiration to all of us!! Thank you!! I am so thankful that we have crossed paths ;0) Enjoy your day special friend!! XO

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