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A Spot of Tea

Do you ever get into a breakfast habit? Something that you tend to make every morning? I do. A couple of weeks ago I was all about greek yogurt covered with sliced bananas and sprinkled with flaxseed granola. When I was in college I was enamored with smoothies. I’d whip one up in the Magic Bullet and run out the door, trying to make sure I didn’t spill any on my clothes and book bag. This didn’t always work…one day it slipped out of my hands as I was getting into my car and landed all over my gear shifter. I immediately responded to this by pouring an entire bottle of water onto it in order to flush out the berries. Even now, 5 years later, it still feels sticky sometimes when I’m switching into reverse.

Lately, my breakfast of choice has been one egg over medium, a thick slice of sourdough bread that’s toasted and then slathered with orange marmalade (just like Paddington Bear likes).

But of course, this meal isn’t complete without my requisite cup of tea. By now you should know how much I love a good cup of tea. Herbal tea, Earl Grey, Irish Breakfast…

And after coming across these tea sets from Kate Spade, I’m convinced I’d love my daily cup of tea even more…if that’s possible. They’re simply winsome!


  1. Karen R. says:

    Now Greek Yogurt over this would be heavenly, instead of marmalade or jam. EW!
    The tea set is adorable! And I can’t get into any kind of food rut. I MUST have variety when it comes to food!

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