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The Roaring Dandelions

Spring has finally sprung…in the form of dandelions. I swear they’re taking over Bozeman. Nature’s version of Subarus. Everyone’s lawn but mine (my landlords keep a meticulous eye on our yard, lest any of the dreaded ‘lions strike) has been painted bright yellow. I don’t mind, though. They add such a vibrant pop of color everywhere (which such is a major contrast to the dreary palette of grays, browns and borings we had all winter) that it makes everything look downright cheerful!

So I say, let the dandelions roar! Happy Monday!


p.s. Today is the first day of our 30-Day Photo Challenge – we hope you’re going to join in and post a photo to our facebook wall before the end of the day!

  1. Karen Robison says:

    Wow. That’s a lot of dandelions! Scott just had a battle with ours on our front lawn. I haven’t cared too much, but he declared war on those “dandy-lions” as he calls them. I make fun of him. 🙂

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