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Be Like Asparagus

I’m not feeling the greatest today, and it’s a very rainy, windy day, so I thought the best thing to do would be to stay in bed and watch a movie. My roommate brought a DVD into my room this morning and told me she’d heard it was really good.

It’s a movie from the ’70s called “Butterflies Are Free” with Goldie Hawn and Edward Albert. Goldie Hawn plays Jill, a sweet, wide-eyed, free-spirted 19-year-old who lives next door to Don, a blind young man who is determined to live on his own – against his protective mother’s wishes.Β On the day the two meet, she takes him to shop for clothes that are more hip…as opposed to the clothes that look like they were picked out by his mother (they were).

Jill introduces Don to the shop’s owner…

Jill: “Don, this is Mr. Asparagus.”

The shop’s owner: “No, my name is Roy Stratton. The shop is “Asparagus.” I named it that ’cause I always think of asparagus as being a friendly vegetable. I mean, you might see one potato or one onion…or one corn. But you never see one asparagus. They come in bunches – they’re involved.”

That scene made me laugh out loud. And made me want to be like asparagus.

And because I like having photos with my posts, here’s a photo of some tulips I took a couple of days ago…which also generally come in bunches πŸ™‚

  1. Josh says:

    Lovely fresh images

  2. I love tulips … and your photos are beautiful (as always) … but you know how I feel about asparagus (sorry Reed πŸ™‚ … xoxo

  3. Jeanne says:

    I love tulips … and your photos are BEAUTIFUL (as always) … but you know how I feel about asparagus! (sorry Reed πŸ™‚ … xoxoxo

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