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My Favorite Things Friday: Cupcakes

Two years ago for Christmas, I noticed a trend in the gifts I received. I got two muffin tins, a cupcake cookbook and a muffin cookbook, a spatula, and mixing bowls. They were all from different people. They’d apparently all noticed I really liked cupcakes and baked goods made in muffin tins.

When I lived in California, there was a cupcake bakery within walking distance of the house that made outrageously yummy monster cupcakes. This was both good and bad. Good because I love cupcakes. Bad because, well…I love cupcakes. And the love doesn’t really go both ways…cupcakes don’t really love me. I must have put on 10 pounds and developed a legitimate muffin top during that time in LA. I remember one night in particular when the only thing I had for dinner was one very large cupcake.

Alas, even though I have moved away from that delectable shop, my love for cupcakes continues. So last night at 9 o’clock, my sweet tooth won out over my rational mind. I went on a search for sugar. I’d forgotten I had stashed an organic vanilla cake mix in the cupboard for emergencies (and a raging sweet tooth counts) and was ecstatic when I realized it was there. After the cupcakes were done, I topped them with a delicious frosting my aunt Jeanne had just found and used (she has a blog, too, called The Yogini Cowgirl…check it out!).

Then I ate two before bed.

  1. Karen Robison says:

    Yummy! I remember that Christmas. Hehe. You and cupcakes. I have never had a cupcake, that I haven’t made, that I liked. They’re usually so gross, but I know that there are good ones out there, if I just go looking!
    Maybe I will make cupcakes for the birthday girl this weekend…

  2. Reid says:

    Yum yum! Trust me, these are delicious!

  3. Helen Naffziger says:

    HaHa….Love your blog today ;0)I have always wanted to own a cupcake shop! Maybe we could together ;0) The town where Ron’s mom lives has a cupcake bakery place its pretty neat! Enjoy the rest of your cupcakes! (By the way you DONT have a muffin top!!)
    Sending hugs to you 😉 Hope to see you Sunday!

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