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Too Much Bamboo

Do you ever see someone and straight-away wish you were friends with them? Like, you know you’d be a better person if they were in your life, and you know somehow (exactly how is yet to be determined) they’d benefit from knowing you, too?

I did that with this couple. Their sense of humor is wicked and their timing is so spot on that I instantly clicked with them. I want to fly to Australia and introduce myself right now. I feel like Hugh Grant’s zany sister in “Notting Hill” – I’m sure we’d be best friendsif we ever met in real life :).

It’s obvious they have a ton of fun together. It’s inspiring to me. I always want to have that humor in my relationship. Anthony and Stephanie, thank you. You’ve made my day. I’ve now watched the video at least 10 times and still have tears streaming down my face (just a tad obsessed). Can we please be friends? Well, even if we never meet in person, my life is better from having at least met via YouTube.

This was their Save the Date. So brilliant.

  1. Cate Ludin says:

    This is great, Sam xx.

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