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My Favorite Things Friday: Road Trips

I’ve always been a road tripper. I inherited it. Going on road trips was just what we did in my family. We used to pile into our big, blue van (for those of you who never got to gawk at it, it was HUGE…it had a kitchenette…and a toilet) and take off on adventures all over the place. Reid and I are going on a road trip adventure tomorrow to California to visit family, friends, and Disneyland. I’m really excited. It’ll be so nice to experience some warm weather, relax and see Mickey. We’re old pals, and we just haven’t seen enough of each other lately.

Some of my favorite road trip memories:

1. Going to Vermont and New Hampshire with my mom, dad and brother and getting to see where the von Trapp family (Sound of Music) moved after they left Austria.
2. Driving to Montana for Christmas (we used to do this quite a bit before I moved here).
3. Taking a last-minute mini spring break to St. Louis with my best friends (Holy cow!…inside joke)
4. Driving from Kansas City to Los Angeles by myself (18 hours alone in the car is actually kinda cool).
5. Spontaneously going to Denver for a swing dancing workshop with Abby and Reid, two people I had met only one week before.
6. Trekking from Montana to Mexico with Reid and Levi (Reid’s best friend) and doing the whole drive without stopping (okay…not exactly my favorite, but definitely memorable).
7. Last year’s road trip to California with Reid – we drove through San Francisco, Big Sur and all the way down to Pasadena. It was lovely.

This year, I’m hoping to add British Columbia to the list of places I’ve road-tripped to. One of my biggest inspirations in the photography world, Jamie Delaney, has announced she will be hosting a workshop in June, and I nearly wiggled out of my seat with excitement when I read about it. It’s called Dreamers: A Jamie Delaney Workshop. She’s giving away one free spot to it, and I’m hoping and praying I am the recipient of it. If not, I’m hoping and praying I can save up enough to attend 🙂 I have been following Jamie for a while, and she’s so inspiring. She tackles huge challenges like they’re molehills and makes me believe I can do it, too. Check her out – you’ll love her.

I think more than anything, I feel I need to go to meet her and other like-minded photographers. I love that she wears her faith on her sleeve, isn’t afraid of making tons of friends in the business (and out), and genuinely wants others to succeed. I need some of that in my life. So Jamie, I hope we can road trip to Ft. Langley and meet in June!

And here are a few photos from last year’s road trip to CA!

  1. Karen R. says:

    I was going to say our St. Louis trip too!
    Have so much fun on your trip. I would love to take a road trip right about now. Somehow it’s just not as fun with a small child. 😉
    Oh yes, your old van. Good times. Love you!

    P.S. Holy Cow!

  2. Kizzie Westover says:

    oh, the blue van. Also, I have very fond memories of our St. Louis trip. I think of it often. Miss you. Have an awesome road trip…maybe take a detour through Missouri! It’s only a little bit out of the way 🙂

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