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La Jolla

After the zoo, Reid and I spent the next day in La Jolla at the beach. It was the most relaxed, do-nothing day I’ve had in a long time, and we took full advantage of being able to just chill. We wandered up and down the beach, peered into tide pools, watched little crabs scuttle over the rocks, and then spent an hour just staring at harbor seals lying on the beach. Have you ever spent a significant amount of time watching seals? I’m amazed they have the ability to get around on land at all. When coming in from the water, they sort of plop and flop like huge, blubbery cute slugs until they get to the perfect place to spend the next 5 hours lying in the sun doing nothing, except lifting their heads and tails whenever a wave comes up and threatens to get them wet.

What a life. Not a life I’d want for a significant period of time. But I think I could handle it for a couple of days.

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