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I love hearing engagement stories. They make me all giddy and excited for the couple. I especially love when they involve a heaping of creativity and romance with a dash of originality.

You hear of guys whisking their sweethearts off on a romantic trip to some romantic city, or scavenger hunts that end with a ring. I just recently witnessed a public engagement in front of a congregation of about 500 people at a church in Kansas City, which was different. I’ll tell you about it. The guy, whom I’ll call Jake, had taken great lengths to convince everyone that he was out of town while giving a remote video update on a church program. After that, the youth pastor got on stage and asked the youth leaders to come up so he could recognize and thank each of them. The youth pastor then asked that everyone sit down except for one of the girl leaders, whom I’ll call Jane, as he had a special thanks for her. This is when Jake came back up on screen and started thanking her for being such an amazing friend and role model.  The screen then suddenly went all fuzzy and the lights went out. When they came back up, Jake, whom everyone thought was far away, was right in front of Jane. He then got down on one knee…and well…you know the rest.

The holidays seem to be a popular time for engagements…the magic of the holidays lends itself well to making magic for couples. If you or someone you know has recently had a Christmas or New Year’s engagement, we’d love to hear about it. Where did it happen? How did it happen? What does the ring look like? Who will your future photographers be? 😉

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