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Abba + Carter + Isaiah

Meet Abba, Carter and Isaiah. Abba went for a long time without brothers and then wound up with these two adorable towheads. I first met Isaiah at a wedding we did this past summer (he was being super cute and I snapped a photo of him, naturally). His mom, Robyn, saw the photo online and called to ask me about it. At first I thought she was calling to ask me to take it down (I can totally understand mom’s not wanting their children’s photos online), but to my surprise, she was not calling about that at all, and our correspondence turned into this shoot! Robyn (she stayed behind the scenes for this one, but you’ll get to meet her sometime this spring when we do a family shoot) home schools her kids and does a fantastic job, considering how whip-smart and fun they are to work with.

Abba has a great laugh and smile. Seriously lovely. Carter tends to have a mischievous look about him. And Isaiah does everything Carter does. Put them together, and there is a lot of love, fun and laughter.

This is Carter. Guess how old he is?

And here’s Isaiah. The rocks do not indicate his age (he’s 3).

And here’s awesome Abba 🙂

These three really have a blast together. And we had a blast being with them!

Thanks again, you guys! Can’t wait to see you in the spring!

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