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If you have been keeping up with our photography at all over the past few months, you might have noticed a slow shift in our photography style. Our style has always been a blend of romantic and classic, but with the incorporation of film, we feel like we are able capture love and beauty in […]

Can a classic be a trend? Someone said lately that they were amused by the trend of shooting film after I told them I was excited about starting to shoot film ourselves. It wasn’t an intentional knock in any way, but I was secretly slightly embarrassed by jumping on the film wagon. Am I just […]

I am so inspired by timeless simplicity. In fashion, art, music, books…I am always drawn to the classics. Here is one of my best friends, Laura – a classic beauty in classic fashions, which made my old-fashioned heart pitter-patter.

Continuing on our film kick, here are some photos of yours truly that Reid took of me the same evening we took photos of our friends Rachel and Jeremiah. Ooooooooh, I love film. I’ve completely, madly, and unabashedly fallen in love with film and what it’s capable of producing. Reid, my love, you did a […]


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