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GAH! I just love these two! Talk about a good time. Samantha and Brett started off the session with an Irish Car Bomb (you know…just to get in the mood). And then it just got even more fun from there (as proven by some of their amazing facial expressions you will see below). We wandered […]

A week ago, my dear friend Katie and her husband Joah (remember them?) joined me in the city for a day of brunch, window shopping, meandering, French macarons, and museums. Reid was unfortunately sick that day and couldn’t join us, so my camera was my date instead. Here are a few images we created together. […]

I got this email from Travelocity yesterday:     As you can see, it’s trying to tempt me to travel by showing me all these great travel deals from Bozeman. Said very politely and meekly: Um…excuse me, Travelocity….where exactly are the deals? Where there are normally a few sample fares in these kinds of promotional emails, […]

Some of you know, but many of you do not know that aside from being an incredible photographer, Reid is also an incredible sound guy. He is thisclose to having a degree in Music Technology, which he describes as basically anything to do with sound (understanding it on a scientific level, recording/mixing music, actually playing […]


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