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Some of you know, but many of you do not know that aside from being an incredible photographer, Reid is also an incredible sound guy. He is thisclose to having a degree in Music Technology, which he describes as basically anything to do with sound (understanding it on a scientific level, recording/mixing music, actually playing an instrument, etc.). He has worked in the Ellen Theatre (yes, the place he proposed) for the last couple of years, where he has been their live sound operator and mixer.

During the fall, a touring acting company out of New York City – called The Acting Company — came through Bozeman to perform Of Mice and Men at the Ellen and while they were there, they discovered Reid (who is quite a discovery, if I do say so myself) and took quite a liking to him (again, it’s easy to do).

And then a few weeks later, Reid unexpectedly got a call from the manager of the tour asking if Reid would be interested in being the sound guy on a tour that would start in Minneapolis on January 25 and end in NYC on May 9. The company had been impressed by Reid’s skills and demeanor, and even though they usually only hire out of NYC, they wanted to offer him the job. It was an incredible opportunity that doesn’t come around to guys from Bozeman, Montana very often (if ever), so I urged him to take it, even though it meant being without him for over three months.

He left this morning at 6:00 am. The tour will go all over the Midwest and the East Coast, and he’ll be sleeping on a bus almost the entire way. I am so very proud of him. But it’s going to be so difficult being without him in the months leading up to our wedding…

…oh, by the way…have I mentioned that we’re getting married May 29th? More on that to come 🙂

Thankfully, Reid will have a week-long stint in NYC in March, so I’ll be going to out to meet him there. I can’t wait. But in the meantime, be safe, my Reid, and know how incredibly excited for you and proud of you I am. I love you.

Reid’s view from the plane as he began winging his way toward Minneapolis and adventure.

  1. Reid Loessberg says:

    Awww, you make me sound really good! Thank you so much for supporting me in this adventure. I love you my Samantha 🙂

  2. Cate Ludin says:

    I love you both! Happy trails, Reid. See you soon! I’ll watch out for Sam with plenty of Gilmore in your absence 🙂

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