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Continuing on our film kick, here are some photos of yours truly that Reid took of me the same evening we took photos of our friends Rachel and Jeremiah. Ooooooooh, I love film. I’ve completely, madly, and unabashedly fallen in love with film and what it’s capable of producing. Reid, my love, you did a […]

Woody Allen said this about marriage, and judging from my vast experience as a one who has been married a whopping 3 months, I’d say it’s spot on. It’s been said about marriage¬†“You have to know how to fight.” And I think there’s some wisdom to that. People who live together get into arguments. When […]

We got that question so many times I started betting people I could guess what their first question would be after I told them where Reid and I had decided to get married. I always smiled and laughed, knowing that I would have to explain why we were getting married in a country that shares […]

As photographers, we are often asked to take picture of people that make them look beautiful. As wedding photographers we sometimes do this for people who have never been comfortable in front of the camera. On your wedding day, we are asked to step into your lives, capturing one of those few most amazing days […]

I have a love/dislike relationship with Pinterest. I love it for inspiration, as everyone seems to. I love pinning yummy recipes, outfits I love, places I want to visit, photography that inspires me, and wedding inspiration for my clients. What I don’t love are the unrealistic expectations it seems to set, especially for brides preparing […]


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