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Honeymoon | Paris | Part One

It’s almost been a year since our magical wedding and honeymoon. I can’t quite believe it. People say that the first year goes by in a blink of an eye, but I really wasn’t expecting it to go by this quickly. It seems like mere weeks ago we were in Ireland (see more here), Italy (and here), and then Paris, the last stop on our European honeymoon tour and the subject of our blog post today.

Oh Paris, where do I even start with you? Never have I been so intimidated yet enchanted with a city. Never have I wanted to know a language I didn’t know more. Never have I wanted to go back to a place and get more acquainted with it so badly. Paris, we hope we see you again very soon. Come back soon to see our photos of our day trip to Versailles.

We hope you enjoy the city through our eyes.

Paris | Orange PhotographieOrange Photographie_0693Orange Photographie_0694Orange Photographie_0695Orange Photographie_0697Orange Photographie_0696Orange Photographie_0698Orange Photographie_0699Orange Photographie_0700Orange Photographie_0701Orange Photographie_0702Orange Photographie_0704Orange Photographie_0692Orange Photographie_0703Orange Photographie_0709Orange Photographie_0705Orange Photographie_0707Orange Photographie_0706Orange Photographie_0710Orange Photographie_0708Orange Photographie_0711Orange Photographie_0712Orange Photographie_0713Orange Photographie_0714Orange Photographie_0716Orange Photographie_0717Orange Photographie_0715Orange Photographie_0718Orange Photographie_0719Orange Photographie_0720Orange Photographie_0721Orange Photographie_0722Orange Photographie_0723Orange Photographie_0724Orange Photographie_0725Orange Photographie_0726Orange Photographie_0727Orange Photographie_0728Orange Photographie_0729Orange Photographie_0730Orange Photographie_0731Orange Photographie_0732Orange Photographie_0733Orange Photographie_0734Orange Photographie_0735Orange Photographie_0736Orange Photographie_0737Orange Photographie_0738Orange Photographie_0739Orange Photographie_0740Orange Photographie_0741Orange Photographie_0742Orange Photographie_0743Orange Photographie_0744Orange Photographie_0745Orange Photographie_0746Orange Photographie_0747Paris | Orange Photographie


  1. Urška Majer says:

    This looks like a great trip 🙂 Gorgeous images!

  2. Ty Hardin says:

    These are just lovely. Great post you guys!

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