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Honeymoon | Italy Part Two

Our work from this part of our Italian leg of our honeymoon was recently featured on the wonderful travel blog The Open Window Exchange. See our contribution about the city of Trani and read about a cheeky old Italian man we encountered here.

Trani is a lively seaport town right on the Adriatic Sea. While most tourists to Italy prefer to visit the Mediterranean Sea side of the country, Trani is a little gem that rivals the best of the Mediterranean towns. It has a picturesque historic town center, wonderful restaurants, amazing gelato (we ate at three different gelaterias in one night just because we could), and a 13th century fort and cathedral. The medieval cathedral sits in a piazza right next to the stunningly blue sea. It is made from local white limestone, so the entire thing has a delicate softness and bright, almost airy quality to it.

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  1. Rachel Lynn Spray says:

    These make me so unbelievably happy!! I’m actually tearing up a little, lol!!! That man kissing you?!?! I CAN’T HANDLE IT!!!

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