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Jeremiah & Rachel on Film | Fine Art Film Photographers

Reid and I are privileged to call Jeremiah and Rachel two of our best friends. From the first time we met them, we just clicked (pun both intended and not intended). Over the last year, they have become amazing film photographers (they were already amazing photographers), and they really jump-started our love affair with film when they took our engagement photos. So when we were visiting them a couple of weeks ago, we had the opportunity to photograph them on their Contax 645 (in non photographer-ese, that’s a really sweet film camera that can produce insanely pretty pictures when used correctly). We love these two people so much, so it was an honor to use their own camera to photograph them in Glacier National Park.

From the beginning of our own wedding photography careers, Reid and I have been drawn to the softness, color and romance of film (think Jose Villa and Elizabeth Messina), especially medium format film. We have tried to replicate the color and look in digital, but it’s so hard to do it exactly, and I’m always left wanting the real thing. So we are thrilled to announce that we have just purchased our very own Contax 645 camera and will be doing more work like you see below.

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