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Kristin & Travis | Engaged // Ogden, UT

Where do I even start with these two?

I guess I’ll start with Travis. Travis has been one of our best friends for a long time. We know him from church and have become part of a very tight-knit group of friends over the past few years. Since he and I are the same age (four years older than Reid…yes…I’m the older woman), we have bonded over things our generation understands: LFO, Ninja Turtles and our love of Earl Grey…things people even four years younger just don’t quite get. (It’s okay, Reid. I still love you even though you can’t recite the words of “Summer Girls.”)

Travis has been there for us through a lot, and we have been hoping and praying for him to find what he was searching for…a deeper purpose and mission in life…and a lovely woman he could share that mission with.

When he finally met Kristin online, we all knew. It was instantly obvious that she was the one to inspire Travis to take a leap of faith and jump into a brand-new direction in life and love. A few months after talking, Skyping and visiting back and forth constantly, Travis made another leap and moved to Ogden, Utah to be close to Kristin and her job as an InterVarsity leader at Weber State University.

And just as Travis immediately fell for Kristin, so did we. She’s beautiful, strong, faithful, funny, and the perfect girl for Travis. They make each other strive to be better. They make each other laugh (as you will see). And they are getting married on May 4th. They wanted us to photograph their engagement photos, but not their wedding, as they really just wanted us there to enjoy the party. And we are absolutely fine with that, as we know it will be one rockin’ party 😉

We love you guys so much!

Sam (and Reid from the road)

  1. Joanna Griffin says:

    I don’t think i have ever had glimpse into more joy, fun love!

  2. Myra Hartzheim says:

    One word: awesomeness!!

  3. Hallie Echols says:

    … this makes me so happy 🙂

  4. Rebecca M Jenn says:

    love it! So excited for you two! ^_^

  5. Shauna McCarthy Glunt says:

    Love these pictures!

  6. Daren Cox says:

    So lovely.

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