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Katie & Joe | Married // Bozeman, Montana

Joe and Katie met during college. To be more specific, they met while playing softball (they’re both apparently pretty darn good at…remind me to never find myself in a game against them…not that I play softball…). They were friends for a long time, and then their friendship turned into more. To be more specific, it turned into true love.

We met Katie and Joe over Skype for the first time, and we fell in love with them! We all just clicked. I love it when that happens 🙂 They were able to come up to Montana for a snowy engagement session last April and we had such fun with them.

Their wedding took place outside on an absolutely beautiful September day in Bozeman. The party then moved to the Baxter Hotel, where they celebrated the night away and we witnessed of the most crazy-awesome dancing we’ve ever seen. Have you heard of PSY’s “Gangnam Style“? Well…that song came on and the entire room EXPLODED with people dancing Gangnam Style. It was a night to remember. We are so excited and happy for you guys!


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