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Sheno + Nilson | Married \\ Big Sky Wedding Photographers

A sign of the times, Sheno and Nilson met through an online dating website. Sheno favorited Nilson’s profile, which alerted Nilson. He found her pretty, very intelligent, and a world-traveler; a rare find. He emailed her and they were soon talking on the phone. A first date was planned.

When the date finally happened (after some scheduling setbacks), they chose to meet at a casino that didn’t have a closing time. It’s a good thing, as they couldn’t get enough of each other; the sun was almost up when they went their separate ways. Fast forward one year later, and Nilson had proposed in front of a castle in Germany (!) and they had set their wedding date for June 24, which happened to be the one-year anniversary of their first date. June 24 also had special significance, as it is São João (Saint John’s) day in Brazil, one of the most important days in northeast Brazil (Nilson grew up in Brazil).

That special date marked the beginning of an eternal relationship and a life of love and caring together!


To see more of Sheno and Nilson’s wedding day, please view the slideshow below.

  1. Sheno Fuzita says:

    I LOVE THEM! Haven’t looked through the link yet but the ones here are awesome, thanks for being part of our cay and capturing it in such a great way!

  2. Joy Lubeck says:


  3. Kristen Jarchow says:

    These are fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing. You both look like you are going to enjoy life to the fullest together. What a gift!

  4. Marina Gomes says:

    OMG! These pictures are awesome! Congratulations for you guys and it was really great talking to you last Saturday. Every single picture has a special touch in it. Well done!

  5. Debora Vieira Sandler says:

    Finale I could see them. So happy for u my friend nill

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