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Jenny + Andrew | Married // Rockin’ TJ Ranch, Bozeman, MT

Jenny and Andrew first met about 6 years ago when Jenny was an undergrad at MSU. They were introduced through friends and got to know each other more and more by hanging out on the river and in downtown Bozeman. After months of stubbornness, Andrew finally asked Jenny out. When Jenny blew her knee out skiing, Andrew helped to take care of her and Jenny got a glimpse of his tender heart.

Once Jenny finished up her undergrad, she moved to Oregon in the fall of 2008 for optometry school and was so relieved and excited to hear that Andrew was willing to follow her out there. Optometry school took four long and strenuous years, and Andrew was Jenny’s rock through it all. Jenny told us, “I would have never imagined I could find my perfect half and I cannot wait to continue my future with Andrew, especially without all the classwork and late study nights involved!” 🙂

Their wedding took place at the Rockin’ TJ Ranch, where they were surrounded by lots of friends and family who were so excited to see Jenny and Andrew begin the rest of their lives together.


To see more of Jenny and Andrew’s wedding photos, please view the slideshow below:

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