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Katie & Joe // Bozeman, MT Engagement Session

Katie and Joe met at college. She was on a softball team and he showed up to help coach. On the day they met, she was wearing an outfit that gave Rainbow Bright a run for her money, and he noticed (he also noticed that she was actually a really good player). They didn’t start dating right away. Being friends was enough. But then they took a trip together and the thought occurred to them that maybe they liked each other as more than friends. In fact, they did like each other. Quite a lot. He graduated, got a job in another state and moved. Then she graduated and moved to be where he was. He asked her to marry him. She said yes. They will be saying “I do” on September 15, 2012.

Katie and Joe currently live in the great state of Texas. They came up to Bozeman earlier this month to finalize wedding details, visit family, and of course, have fun taking engagement photos with us 🙂 They are SUCH a fun couple, and we wish they lived closer so we could have that much fun all the time!

See you two in September! Can’t wait!

  1. Hallie says:

    CUTE!!!!! I love the one of them almost skipping down the trail – so nicely framed by the trees. Great mix of portrait, personality, and art as per usual 😉

  2. Connie Mustill says:

    These pictures are wonderful and we are all so happy to have Joe as part of our family now. You two are awesome!

  3. Jerri Dee Basta says:

    Great pictures of a really great couple! I didn’t know about the Rainbow Bright thought she quit doing that earlier! You may have to help her pick out her clothes Joe! Love you two!

  4. Lacey Fulton says:

    Ahhh… these are beautiful! Your daughter does look like you! She’s georgous! What a sweet couple!

  5. Emilee Basta says:

    Love these pictures! Looks like the two of you are really having fun! Joe, I’m so glad you noticed her rainbow outfits! They always made me laugh! Love you guys!

  6. Jan Dyk Roush says:

    I agree.. she is beautiful and looks like her mama! So happy for you all!

  7. Michelle Lynn Severino Basta says:

    Loved them all! Especially the picture of Joe going in for the tackle!

  8. Liu BasTaufa says:

    All great pictures, Katie. You both look great and very happy. Loved all of them and loved the story too. Way to start a good happy life together!

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