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The Hardaway Family ❘ Bozeman Montana Family Photographers

The Hardaways are so awesome. Their family includes Julia (mother), Gordon (father), Kiser (son), Katie (wife to Kiser), Hope (daughter), and Logan (son). We went out to their beautiful home the day after Christmas to do their family photos – Hope had surprised her parents with a photo session with us for Christmas. One of the first things Julia said to me as we walked into the house was “I hate doing family photos!” In response, I said “Well, we’re going to have to change that!” And by George, I think we did! By the end of the session, even though faces were flushed and hands were frozen, everyone was smiling and laughing, including Julia 🙂

The light was beautiful, the scenery was idyllic, And to top it all off, everyone was ridiculously good looking, making our job quite easy 🙂

Gordon and Julia are still so in love! Love it 🙂
And Katie and Kiser are totally meant for each other. I just love how in love they are, too 🙂
BAHAHAHA! Reid and I were walking along behind the fam and all the sudden we looked up and saw this:
Hope is simply stunning. 
One of my favorite photos of the day.
Isn’t Logan a cutie? 
Gorgeous girls.I saw this truck and I was like, “We HAVE to take photos with it!!!!” They did their best J. Crew catalog impression. Love.
Okay, so THIS is my absolute favorite photo of the day. Katie and Hope are drop dead gorgeous. Are you kidding me with those eyes?!?!? Sheesh.
America’s Next Top Models. 

Thank you again for letting us photograph your wonderful family! We loved every minute of it!

  1. Helen says:

    Oh my gosh!! I love every one of these pictures. Also i love them!! Great job Samantha & Reed!! You guys are amazing!! Love you both also ;0) Hope your enjoying your day! xoxo

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