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Fall is in the Air

Aaaaah, fall time, it has such wonderful changes and things happening. The leaves are shifting colors and falling, the days are getting shorter, the birds are making their yearly traverse to warmer climates, the small mammals are all gathering stores for winter time, and, alas, here in Montana that list also includes the fact that it’s quickly growing to cold and chilly nights . . . but we’ll just think about how pretty all the colors are.

Samantha’s yard is essentially ground zero for fallen leaves . . . its hard to tell that there is even grass in her yard any more.

(This is Reid 😉 just in case any of you were thinking Sam was writing in the third person)

Ah yes, fall. It’s such a fantastic season, even with the crisp winter-y-ness threatening on the doorstep (hopefully it’ll hold off till at least Thanksgiving). It is definitely a favorite season for Samantha and myself, even if it is cooler than she’d like 🙂


What do you like about fall?!





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