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Yes, that’s the sound of crickets. We are painfully aware that the blog has been very quiet as of late, and we apologize for that. I just hope you can empathize with it being the end of the summer and trying to catch up on all work that needs to be done before the fall comes and everything swings back into action. We also snuck in a visit to the DC and NYC to visit family and friends. It was lovely, and we promise there will be photos to come. They’re just currently in the process of flying from NY to MT. And I mean that in the most literal sense possible.

I left my computer in Brooklyn on Tuesday. My computer with all of my photos and software and work. Uggh. It was an awful realization. To be fair, I forgot it on the day of the earthquake on the east coast. In all of the commotion, I neglected to pack it up after using it at a friend’s office building, but I didn’t realize that until we got to the airport and were past the point of no return.

It’s currently being FedEx’d to me, and I’m eagerly awaiting its arrival (which is scheduled for tomorrow). It’s been an eye-opening experience…I don’t think I realized quite how much of modern, everyday life relies on the use of and access to a computer until I was without it for three days and literally forced not to do any work. Thankfully, Reid is a saint and let me borrow his for the day. Bless that man.

As soon as I get mine back, you can be sure I will be furiously working to churn out blogs of our last two weddings of the summer. They were beautiful, and we’re so excited to share them with you!

Here’s one photo we took on Monday with Reid’s phone using Instagam. We’re pretty new to that app, but we’re having so much fun with it!

We’re on top of our friend’s apartment building where we stayed…just a couple of blocks from the Empire State Building…not a shabby location 🙂

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