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Royal Wedding Blues

I used to daydream about going to London and meeting Prince William. We would serendipitously bump into each other while we both happened to be out walking in St. James’s Park; he’d be contemplating the girl of his dreams, and I’d be trying to get a squirrel to eat from my hand. We’d accidentally collide into each other, our eyes would lock, he’d realize that an American girl would make a perfect princess, and that would be that. It’d be like the movie “The Prince and Me,” except totally legit. And not in Wisconsin.

I was fairly convinced that should Wills ever meet me, he’d realize he would never be able to live without me again. I just had to figure out how the heck I could make that happen since, sadly, I didn’t know his walking schedule. The Queen had forgotten to set up an appointment for us…she was too busy riding in a gilt-edged carriage to meet the Italian prime minister.

(The dark blur of a woman in a hat on the far right? Yeah…that’s the Queen. Awful picture, but it is proof I went to London and saw the Queen. This is from spring break in, well, you can see the date for yourself.)

I held onto the hope that Will and I would hit it off until he started dating Kate. It was then I knew I’d probably never live in Buckingham Palace. Although I can still look and dream from afar….

And now that I’ve accepted the fact that Will and Kate are meant for each other and not Will and Sam, I will happily toast to them on their upcoming wedding day, as I watch eagerly with millions of other people around the world who, I’m sure, also hoped to randomly bump into the prince and steal his heart. Maybe we can each get one of these darling mugs and do a collective toast together.

Created by The House That Lars Built and for sale in their Etsy shop.


And in all honesty, I’m glad Will and I never met, as I’m much happier with Reid than I would ever have been with Will. Cheese alert: Kate and I have both found our princes. And really, I’m okay with the outcome…mine is tons handsomer 🙂

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